SEARCH ENGINES We are developing custom search engines

Our primary focus is development of customized search engines. The Internet is composed of a number of poorly structured Web sites containing redundant information that cannot be verified. To extract information from such sources, we apply various statistical, mathematical, and intuitive methods. It is not one single solution; instead we create a multitude of inter-related, synchronized apps to process data step by step. Our expertise and years of experience in the field make this process guarantee success and keep our clients satisfied.

This process consists of:

  • Building adaptive Web robots, crawlers, and text parsers; Text extraction and analysis using pattern recognition algorithms
  • Stock market data cleansing, validation, and integration. We have experience in connecting backoffice financial ERP systems with large data vendors like Reuters and Bloomberg. We are able to crawl and extract financial information from any source, or even parse and crawl sites containing stock market data
  • Commercial data search, products search, matching and price comparison services; Integrating data feeds from online retailers
  • Media monitoring - Internet news clipping
  • Text analysis for marketing and statistical purposes; extracting information from forums, blogs, advertisement sites etc.
  • Implementing politeness and re-visit policies in order to avoid overloading Web sites

Our commitment

Use of the latest technologies Good communication Work in a highly creative environment