The number of data mining and business intelligence tools has increased significantly in the recent years. The era of Artificial Intelligence is still ahead of us, but more and more clients recognize the need for extracting information from widespread, fuzzy, non-structured, and redundant Internet resources.

With the help of collaborating team of experts from University of Belgrade we apply the latest machine learning methods to extract knowledge from vast amounts of data that our crawlers collect. We perform data clustering and classification, use pattern recognition techniques, neural networks, regression, and other mathematics models.

Another expanding IT field, which contains Data Mining as its integral part, is Business Intelligence. It is used as support in decision making, reporting, and analytical processing. Imagine following use-case scenario: 1) Migrate your transactional database into data warehouse.
2) Put your aggregate business data into OLAP cube, and make ad-hoc queries to support your business decisions.
3) Instead of querying cube from your desktop or laptop computer, do it from your mobile device or tablet by using speech recognition.

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