If you want to start up an IT company in Serbia we will provide you our full consultancy support. Although we are primarily a programming company, we recently started offering consulting services to potential clients. Our model is based on more than 5 years experience in founding and running early stage foreign companies in Serbia. We help deal with common issues that foreign investors face, which are usually related to local traditions, cultural differences, bureaucratic obstacles, lack of trust, and other factors.

Our services can be divided into following areas:

  • Legal services
  • Financial services
  • Human resource services
  • Management services
  • IT services
  • Construction services
  • Other services

Legal services

  • Our lawyer associate who will represent you in all legal matters in Serbia
  • A full description of company registration procedure, written in English
  • Court translation services
  • Support in obtaining and filing all necessary documentation
  • Communicating with court and municipality
  • Support in writing contracts

Financial services

  • Accounting and bookkeeping services by our associate company
  • Handling payments, employee registration, and salaries
  • Communication with tax authorities
  • Handling foreign payments and transactions
  • Communication with bank and management of company accounts

Human resource services

  • Placing ads for employees in popular online job sites and local printed media
  • Performing interviews and negotiating salaries
  • Support in writing contract prototypes

Management services

  • We prefer agile software development and SCRUM framework for project management but we can help you implement any business model you use
  • Setting Redmine, Basecamp, activeCollab or any other project management tool, Google Docs accounts etc.

IT Services

  • Support in choosing hardware supplier and equipment purchasing
  • Support in setting Internet link and LAN
  • Support in software licensing
  • Local Web domain and hosting etc.

Construction services

  • Communication with real estate agencies and setting up office space
  • Construction work within office

Other services

  • Help in organizing business events like conferences and visits
  • Renting hotels rooms or private apartments for short stays
  • Graphic design services
  • Taxy services (
  • Team building consultants

Our commitment

Use of the latest technologies Good communication Work in a highly creative environment